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I am Juan David V. Jaramillo, a Ph.D student at the department of Physics and Astronomy, in the Division of Materials Theory, Uppsala University. Currently I am working under the supervision of Prof. Jonas Fransson and Prof. Lars Nordstrom in the field of Non-Equilibrium Molecular Magnetism, Non-Equilibrium Molecular Thermoelectrics and Quantum Coherence and Interferometry in Molecular Magnets . To learn more about me and my research please see below.



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Juan David Vasquez Jaramillo was born in Pereira, Colombia, in August the 23rd 1984. I grew up in the country side near this region in a place called Santa Rosa de Cabal and from early stages I was driven by both my Mother and Father to built on my curiosity and spirit of knowledge. I was born to a Jewish mother, Messianic, that taught me the way G-d (Yahweh) hides mysteries, and how we should search for answers. Growing up recognizing the presence of Yahweh in my life, learning about the Torah, the Tanaj and the New testament, made me completely aware of my surroundings, of Yahweh’s creation, and His desire for us to understand His creation through the Observancy of what He has put in our surroundings. All of this structure also helped getting through difficult moments in my life, for what I have always praise the Lord.

At an early stage in my life I left my country to go and explore new lands, where I was educated in both science and religion, which include the Christian and Missionary Alliance Academy in Quito, Ecuador and St. Marys Senior High school in Sydney, Australia. Throughout my education there were several things that I enjoyed, such as History (mainly Jewish and middle-eastern history), Geography, Archeology, but was studying in Australia after I read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Viribus Electricitatis in Motu Musculary from Luigi Galvani that my passion for science started, and ever since I am in a continuous quest for answers, those ones that G-D has hidden, and those ones He wants me to find.

In the aftermath, I returned to Colombia where I graduated as a B.Sc in Electronics and Computer Engineering, with Emphasis in Control Theory and Electronic Instrumentation at Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira. Then I started my graduate studies in the Master of Science program in Electrical Engineering at the same university, focusing in the field of computational biology and bioelectronics, working under the supervision of Prof. Mauricio Alexander Alvarez Lopez, obtaining my M.Sc in Electrical Engineering with a thesis entitled «Latent Forces for Partial Differential Equations Applied to mRNA Concentration Inference in Drosophila Melanogaster Early Development», from where I achieved my first scientific publication (see he in IEEExplore).

During my time at Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira, I had the experience of being research assistant in the research group control and instrumentation working in bioelectric signal processing and characterization, in the research group of power system planing working in power system reliability assessment, and working as an assistant lecturer at the school of mechatronics engineering, lecturing linear control systems, computer controlled systems and non-linear system dynamics (See my Youtube Channel for the lectures in Spanish, with more than 250 subscribers and more than 50000 reproductions ).

In 2012, I was granted a public scholarship from the Colombian government (Colciencias – Colombian Department for Science, Technology and Innovation) with the purpose of undertaking my doctoral (Ph.D) degree abroad. In 2013, I arrived at Uppsala university, where I am currently enrolled as a Ph.D student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, in the division of Material Theory, working towards the specialization in atomic, molecular and condensed matter physics, supervised by Prof. Jonas Fransson and Prof. Lars Nordstrom, collaborating closely with Prof. Erik Sjoqvist.


Eng. Juan David Vasquez Jaramillo, M.Sc

B.Sc Electronics Engineering,

M.Sc Electrical Engineering,

Lic. Ph. Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala University

Ph.D student in Physics and Astronomy @ Uppsala University.






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